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Why Manage Your Forest?

Sustainable forest stewardship begins with you. You are entrusted with the well-being of a valuable asset – your forested land. You, and other individuals like you, own 9.7 million acres (61 percent) of the productive forestland in Maryland area. There are many benefits of forest management. Many of these benefits not only accrue to the [Continue]

More than 15,000 lbs of trash removed from Deep Run Watershed

Jon Merryman

Jon Merryman is a usability engineer, training developer, and “Go Green Coordinator” at Lockheed Martin in Hanover. But when he is not at his day job, you can often find him walking along the banks of Deep Run on the Howard-Anne Arundel county line. Jon is a volunteer stream watcher for the Patapsco Heritage Greenway, [Continue]

US State Mows with Goats to Go Gently on Environment

Officials in Maryland have come up with an innovative, cost-saving way to protect the environment: they use goats to mow the grass. The State Highway Administration came up with the novel idea while building an 85-million-dollar road bypass near the town of Hampstead, northwest of Baltimore, after it found that the construction site was home [Continue]

University of Maryland Wins Architecture Contest at Energy Solar Decathlon 2011

The University of Maryland Sept. 28 took first place in the highly competitive Architecture Contest of the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon 2011. For the Architecture Contest, collegiate students from around the world are judged on the design and construction of attractive, high-performance houses that integrate renewable energy systems and energy-efficient technologies. Dennis Andrejko, [Continue]