Do You Qualify?

Only businesses that show a clear commitment to sustainable business practices will be included in My Green Guide. Does your company practice at lease five of the following?

Do You Qualify?
Do you have a rain garden?
Do you have a drinking water monitor?
Do you use erosion control?
Do you have an indoor air quality system?
Do you have lead paint control?
Do you practice no-waste lunch?
Do you use alternative forms of transportation?
Do you recycle paper?
Do you reuse materials?
Do you do storm drain stencilling?
Do you practice water conservation?
Do you reduce pollution sources?
Do you have an environmental policy?
Do you participate in environmental projects?
Do you use both sides of the paper?
Do use reusable bags?
Do you use programmable timers for lighting and HVAC?
Do you use natural light whenever possible?
Do you compost kitchen waste?
Do you use 1.5 gallons-per-flush or dual flush toilets?
Do you eliminate dangerous chemicals in your landscape?
Do you use rain barrells?
Do you use recyclable furniture?
Do you have an employee wellness program?
Do you use a hybrid vehicle?
Does your company encourage alternative transportation?
Do your employees carpool?
Do you practice energy conservation?
Do you have a green roof?
Do you use integrated pest management?
Do you use litter control?
Do you practice habitat restoration?
Do you have pollution free zones?
Do you recycle ink cartridges or cell phones?
Do remove invasive plants?
Do you plant trees and shrubs?
Do you limit natural resource consumption?
Do you reduce impervious surfaces?
Do you have a taskforce to address sustainability?
Do you use at lease 30% post consumer products?
Do you use paper, not plastic, bags?
Do you use energy efficient indoor lighting?
Do you turn lights off when not in use?
Do you recycle CDs or toner?
Do you use biodegradable cleaners?
Do you turn off computers when not in use?
Do you use native plants in landscaping?
Do you use recyclable, low-emitting carpet?
Do you use garbage bags of at least 50% post-consumer waste?
Do you reduce light pollution?
Does your company have a carpool incentive?
Do you try to eat local foods (from within 100 miles)?

Thank you for going through the list! Does your company practice at lease five of the items listed above?